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First Blog


Spoken, they have, write a blog, I must

(nod to the saga of the make-believe universe 😉).

The wizards who know how to make a website better have convinced me that a blog is a good thing, and I’m actually excited to finally kick off the premiere installment. As I write this, we are on I-35 headed to Austin for a belated Christmas celebration with our youngest son and his wife. I love that the celebration of Christ’s birth doesn’t have to be crammed into one day, but we can spread it out over several days and slow the pace just a little. So, if you have visited Garden Heights’ website and stumbled on my blog, Welcome! Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you in person as well.

We don’t keep regular hours at the venue but if you are ever in the area feel free to turn in and see if we are there. If so, stop and say hi.

#weddingChapel #countrywedding #DIYwedding #stressfreewedding #themeweddings

And if you are a young bride planning your wedding, or her Mom, please read the next installment because we have some observations and real life experiences that just might help you get through the process with some happy memories, AND your relationship still in tact. We really do want the Happily Ever After for everyone.




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